The department  provides treatment to patients of  hypertension, diabetes mellitus, allergic disorders, CNS disorders, gastrointestinal problems, bronchial asthma and endoscopy clinics.


 The Department of Pediatrics provides services to newborn and children of this region.It is equipped with a NICU and PICU for critically ill children.

Dermatology & STD:

The department manages efficiently patients with skin disorders, systemic skin lesions and chronic allergic problem and sexually transmitted disorders.

Respiratory Medicine and Tuberculosis:

The Department manages critical patients with chest diseases and  Pulmonary Tuberculosis. Facilities of PFT,  video-bronchoscopy are available.


The Department of Surgery regularly performs all types of major and minor surgeries in the hospital. Facilities of Key hole surgeries (lararoscopic, endoscopies) are provided.


The Department of Orthopedic surgery is providing services to trauma and all types of major and minor surgeries. It has C-Arm facilities for complicated cases. Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy facilities offered.


The department caters to needs of all patients suffering from ailments of ear, nose and throat. All types of minor and major surgeries, microscopic and endoscopic procedures are skillfully performed. Audiometry and Speech therapy are also available.


The Department provides computerized field assessment, well equipped refraction rooms .Direct and indirect retinoscope, an auto refractometer operating microscope with PHACO machine for sutureless cataract surgeries.

Obstetrics and Gynecology:

The Department has facilities for pre-natal, intranatal and post-natal care. All round the clock facilities for emergency  be it labor or caesarean are available. Special clinics for Ante-natal care, Family planning, infertility, Menopausal and Cancer patients are available.


Department of Anaesthesiology  has skilled staff providing anesthesia to patients of various specialities in major and minor cases. Preanaesthetic check ups, pain clinics, ICU services are regularly offered.